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Android Pokies Apps in Australia

Android pokies have become popular throughout the world and many people have found it a lot easier to play online slot games for real money. A majority of users now own a smart phone and smartphone powered by android have become very popular. Online gamers can now play their interesting slot games on their android device and the games offered include the 3-reel classic slot, 5-reel slots, bonus slots, progressive jackpots and many more.

Installing the mobile client on your android is quite simple.  All you have to do is visit the online casino via mobile using the mobile browser or you can access it direct via PC. When you opt to download the mobile client, it will request your mobile number at which it will then send an SMS with the direct download link of the mobile client.

Android pokies deliver great gaming action and their software renders cool graphics. For instance, players are able to activate the vibration mode at which you can feel the vibration as the reels spin. An effect feature delivered by most android pokies is the ability to spin the reels with your fingers.  Depending on the slot game being played, a player is able to hold one reel and then spin the other reels one at a time by swiping your finger on to the reel.

Best Android Online Pokies

Android pokies offer games that suit all type of players. They offer betting limits ranging from as little as a penny. Another great feature delivered by Android online pokies is the autoplay feature.  The autoplay feature allows players to set the number of coins to be played out automatically.  The gaming features rendered by the android pokies are quite similar to those delivered on both download and flash player client. For instance, when the free spin bonus round is triggered when playing android pokies, all controls are disabled and the free spins are played automatically by the machine.

Android pokies also deliver gaming features that are identical. For instance, when playing the 5-reel slot games, the same wild icon used will still be used by the android slot game. Everything is identical as well as the payouts offered. This means that when playing the android pokies you will not miss out on any action.  You are able to play the progressive slots and all players on all platforms have an equally likely hood of hitting the progressive jackpot and it is not biased.

Australian Android Pokies Online

The only setback about android pokies is that they offers few games when compared to the flash and download clients. Android pokies offer not more than 25 online pokies and more games are constantly being added and players will certainly get to select a game of interest. With that said do not let it be seen as a discouragement as the game quality for mobile online casinos is superb as it the quality derived from the games.

As you begin to look more closer at pokies that you can play with your android device you will see the value it brings you. Some of the best games online can now be played with your android and that alone makes a great reason why you should register and play today.

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