Are Pokies Rigged In Australia?

Are pokies rigged in Australia? More to the point; are online pokies rigged in Australia? It’s a question you probably ask and a question you hear from gambling enthusiasts in Australia. Friends and even family might say that online pokies games are obviously unfair, but are they really?

The truth is that the online pokies gamblers in Australia love to play are completely fair according to the law. The trick is though, that Aussie pokies are only certain to be fair if you’re playing at a site with a license. So before you sign up and start playing, stick with us now, and we’ll answer the question; are pokies rigged in Australia?

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Are Pokies Rigged – Understanding Random Number Generators

Are pokies rigged? Not if you understand what RNG is. At regulated online casinos all pokies games use a Random Number Generator (RNG.) RNG is a hardware system that guarantees completely random numbers for every spin of Aussie pokies, ensuring fairness. The developers responsible for RNG don’t know what numbers will come up, and neither do you. RNG systems also undergo a strict audit and careful testing by an online casino regulatory authority.

So, are pokies rigged? How can they be when they use RNG systems? Sign up for online pokies for real money in Australia, take a few spins, and see how RNG works.

Regulatory Oversight and Licensing

Pokies are not rigged if an online casino regulatory authority has any say about it. There are online casino regulatory authorities that oversee every region in the world, including Australia. These authorities work tirelessly, day and night, to ensure that the games you play are provably fair and 100% transparent. The authorities also regularly audit regulated Aussie pokies, making sure that every game fits within specific, set parameters. If any problems arise, the online casino loses its license and is then shut down.

This is why it’s important that when you sign up to play the best online pokies, you only play regulated pokies games. Some of the regulatory authorities that oversee online casinos in Australia include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA.)

Game Providers and Auditing

Are online pokies rigged? Not if they come from an audited developer. The pokies games at regulated online casinos in Australia all come from a regulated game provider. The studio works closely with an online casino regulatory authority, ensuring that every game that goes public is 100% fair. The games also undergo a thorough audit before going public. Hence, there is very little chance that Aussie pokies at regulated online casinos are unfair.

When you sign up to play the online pokies Aus is talking about, check which developer is responsible for the games. Research that developer, check its reputation and explore some opinions from other Australians. Only once you’re happy should you start playing. Some of the best developers of pokies games include big names like Microgaming and NetEnt. Both companies have very good reputations.

Responsible Gaming and Player Protections

When asking are pokies rigged, it’s also important to talk about responsible gaming and player protection. Regulated online casinos must not only ensure that the pokies games they offer are fair, they must also ensure that players like you are safe.

Regulated online casinos offer deposit limits, abide by self-exclusion rules, and run regular reality checks. When you sign up to play pokies games, check the responsible gaming options available at regulated online casinos like Fair Go Casino.

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Common Myths and Misconceptions

According to various common myths and misconceptions, some will say pokies are rigged! You know Australians that spin all sorts of yarns, claiming that Aussie pokies have built-in manipulation, winning patterns, and set outcomes.

But look back on the previous points, and you’ll know that these myths just aren’t true. Regulated online casinos must answer to an online casino regulatory authority. If there was ever any sign of manipulation or winning patterns, that online casino would lose its license. It’s as simple as that. RNG systems likewise can’t, under strict audits, produce any sort of recognisable pattern. It may seem like mobile pokies games work according to a pattern at times, but this is nothing more than you picking up patterns where none exist.

However, it is also important to stick to regulated online casinos when you sign up to play, for obvious reasons. Rogue casinos do exist, and you must avoid them.

Detecting Rogue Casinos

If you’re playing unlicensed pokies games, you might be wondering whether or not these are rigged pokies, and they might be. Rogue casinos are a problem, but the good news is that you can easily avoid them. Remember; regulated online casinos provide their licensing information up front. Hence, before you start playing the online pokies Aus is talking about, check for a license. At regulated online casinos you can generally find the licensing information in the homepage’s footer.

You can also check an online pokies guide. A guide will provide reviews of Aussie pokies, letting you know if the site is operating fairly. If a site has an abundance of negative reviews, take it as a warning sign. Don’t worry, you can always look for the best pokies elsewhere. There is no shortage of real, fair, regulated online casinos.

Once you’re happy that a site is running according to the law, sign up and enjoy pokies games to your heart’s content.

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So, are online pokies rigged? No, Aussie pokies aren’t rigged if you’re playing at regulated online casinos. Online casinos that operate under an online casino regulatory authority are offering legit games, all of which use 100% fair RNG systems. There is simply no way RNG, or regulated online casinos, offer anything but legit pokies games.

Though, it is also up to you to do some research. Before you sign up and start playing Aussie pokies, check an online slots guide, investigate a site’s reputation, and check the reviews of other users. If you spot any warning signs, simply play pokies games elsewhere. Good luck, have fun, and we hope you win a jackpot!

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