How Do Pokies Machine Paylines Work?

The question of how do slot machine paylines work has come up for almost everyone at one point or another, with more than 80% of Australians enjoying these games! Online pokies is the most popular games in the world. They’re so easy to play, engaging, and entertaining, and they offer players the chance to win really big.

Whether you’re wondering about slot paylines, Random Number Generator software, the different kinds of pokies available, or just about anything else about how these games work, you’ve come to the right place!

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Pokie Mechanics Explained

Pokie paylines are where the symbols that govern what your gambling payout looks like when the reels stop spinning. Slots today feature multiple paylines. They can be horizontal, diagonal, or even displayed in a zigzag pattern! Developers are always trying to shake things up design-wise. The result is that we’ve got some very interesting-looking games to play.

Plus, you don’t have to have all the paylines of a game active at any point of play, either. The more pokies paylines you have active, the bigger your bet amount. So always let your betting budget decide how many you want in the game. You also have a better chance of seeing a win with more paylines active, so it’s something to think about.

Next up in our pokies guide are the symbols. These will be based on the game’s theme. So, if you’re playing a wildlife game, you’ll probably see a bevy of beasts on your pokies paylines. If you’re playing a pirate-themed game, expect to see parrots, pots of gold, ships aplenty, and so on. There are several different types of symbols, including Bonus icons, Scatters, and Wilds. But we’ll have more on that later.

When you press the Spin button of your online pokies game, the reels begin to spin. When they eventually stop, you’ll see that certain symbols have landed on your payline. Now it’s time to check the game’s paytable to find out which symbols pay what. Or perhaps the icons have triggered another game feature, like a free spins feature or a Pick Me minigame.

Understanding Casino Pokie Paylines

How do slot machine lines work – The best Australian online pokies have patterns on the reels where the winning combinations of icons occur. These are called paylines. While classic slots can have just 1 line, modern video slots can have many, and certain games have none!

A lot of online pokies for real money have a huge number of pokies paylines because of the All-Ways-Win functionality. This turns each possible line on the slot’s reels into a payline. This can deliver anything from 243 to 1024 Ways to Win, or more.

When you’re starting your game and need to decide how much you’re going to bet per line, you’ll get asked how many pokies paylines you want to have active in certain cases. Remember that it’s risk versus reward in gambling games. The more paylines you activate, the more you’ll need to bet. But the higher the possible payouts will be and the more likely it is that you’ll win.

RNG: The Random Number Generator System

When you’re playing the best online pokies at the gambling sites recommended by the AustralianPokiesOnline team on your desktop or mobile, RNG software is at work. This is how developers guarantee that outcomes are 100% unpredictable, unconnected to previous rounds of gameplay, and totally fair.

The RNG software controls where the icons land after each spin of the reels. It’s constantly cycling through hundreds of different number combinations, with each one corresponding to the different symbols that can potentially land on your reels.

After you press the Spin button of the Aussie pokies you’re playing, the RNG will choose the combination of numbers highlighted in the system at that precise moment in time. This means that the reels and symbols will stop in the position that correlates to that number. If these symbols then group in a way that matches the winning combinations detailed on the game’s paytable, you’ll be paid out accordingly.

The pokies casino game processor calculates how much you’ve won based on the value of the icons and how much you bet. Each new game gets handled exactly the same way, independently of what has gone before. Icons land on paylines according to chance and chance alone.

Multi-Way or All-Ways Slots

Most pokies have fixed paylines set out in a particular pattern for online gamblers. The most commonly found is a 3X5 grid.  This means that the potential for winning combinations to land is pretty limited. You’ll need to land 2, or, more frequently, 3 symbols on an active payline if you want to collect a win. So, even if you see 3 valuable symbols land on your first 3 reels, if they don’t match up as they should, you won’t receive any kind of payout because they haven’t lined up properly.

Ways, on the other hand, work differently than paylines do. Although the game may look the same as a standard online pokie, with 3 rows and 5 reels, there aren’t any pokies paylines in these games. All you need to collect your win are symbols landing consecutively from left to right in any position. Then your account will be credited with the appropriate amount.

In a game with 3 rows and 5 reels, there are 243 possible positions that a 5-of-a-kind winning combination could land on, or 3x3x3x3x3. This makes everything much simpler for the player. When you spot matching symbols on consecutive reels, you don’t have to double-check whether they’re on an active payline or not.

So, All Ways games are very different from traditional slots. You won’t have to spend time learning how to play them like you would a brand-new game. Online gambling enthusiasts love these games because their chances of seeing a return are so much higher.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Paylines

When the first slot machine was invented back in 1894, it featured one single payline. Online gamblers were just tasked with lining up between 3 and 5 of the same symbols across it. Nowadays, even classic slots have more than just 1 payline, can pay out in any direction, and have multiple ways to win.

Online pokies come in 2 types:

1.With Variable Paylines

There’s more flexibility in these games because you can choose how many paylines you want to activate. This means you can adjust how much you’re spending on each round of play. For example, in a 15-line pokie, you could choose to have 1, 10, or 15 lines in play and calculate how much you’ll be betting accordingly.

2.With Fixed Paylines

Online pokies with fixed paylines don’t offer players any choices. You have to wager on all the paylines. So, if we take the previous example, in this case, you’d have to bet on all 15. Your bet amount will thus always be multiplied 15x, and 15 lines will always be active.

Don’t stress about keeping these details in your head because you don’t have to. The number of paylines and whether they are fixed or variable differs from one game to the next. You can’t be expected to keep track of hundreds of different formats! All online pokies for mobile or otherwise have information outlined in the “Help” section that details which lines are variable or fixed and what your betting options are.

Betting Options and Coin Sizes

Bet Option and Coin Value or Size are features included in the best Australian online pokies. They allow online gambling players to adjust how much each spin of the game is going to cost them.

The Coin Size or Value determines how much you’re going to be betting per payline. Thus, this determines how much each round of play is going to cost. Let’s say, for example, that the coin value for the game you’re going to be playing is set to NZ$0.10, and the slot has 20 fixed paylines. This means that each spin is going to cost you NZ$2. You can change the coin value, although you will have to choose from the range of amounts set by the developer. Coin values are usually arranged in increments ranging from NZ$0.01, NZ$0.02, NZ$0.05, NZ$0.10, NZ$0.20, and NZ$0.50. Although this isn’t necessarily true for all games.

Think of the Bet Level as the number of coins you’ll be betting per line on your real online pokies game, a factor which lets you adjust the cost of each spin to your satisfaction. For instance, you could set the Bet Level in the range of anything from 1 to 10 coins. So, your options would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 coins per line.

Before you choose either amount, the Coin Value or the Bet Level, remember to check the minimum and maximum limits for your game.

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Scatter Symbols and Free Spins

The best online pokies have both regular and special symbols which link to a game function or an exciting added feature. Scatter icons are an example. These symbols frequently activate the Free Spins feature of a game and many more great online casino pokies bonuses. Free Spins are a kind of promo that online casinos make available to online gambling players, or which are sometimes included by developers in the games and involve rounds of gameplay that you don’t have to pay for. You still get to keep whatever prizes come your way, however!

Wild Symbols and Multipliers

Aussie pokies are incredibly exciting for a number of reasons. They’re jam-packed with excellent graphics, include superb animations, and boast incredible sound effects. They also sometimes offer Wilds, another type of special symbol that acts as an all-powerful substitute. Wilds can stand in for any symbol you need and complete a winning combination this way. A Wild appearing in the right place at the right time means that you may be able to collect a win when you otherwise wouldn’t have been!

Multipliers do what their name suggests in the online pokies casino games they appear in. They can increase the bet, line, and total wins by a certain amount. Because of this, they can end up rather significantly increasing your winnings. Multiplier amounts are usually in the range of 2x up to 10x. But in certain slots, they can go as high as 1 000x, 2 000x, or even 10 000x! Multipliers are denoted by icons that land during base gameplay or the bonus game that signifies the amount at which the bet, line, or total win is going to be multiplied before being added to the player’s account.

Progressive Jackpots and Paylines

Progressive Jackpot online pokies have a prize that increases in value every time a player pushes spin on a game connected to the network. It keeps doing this until the main prize is eventually landed by some lucky player. At this point, the Jackpot will reset to a predetermined value. It will then resume increasing under the same rule until there’s once again a winner.

Certain real online pokies with a Progressive Jackpot will activate the main prize when a particular group of symbols lands on the right payline. Other times, it will get triggered randomly. There’s also the chance that a mini-game needs to be completed before you can collect your return.

It’s important that you read the best online pokies Progressive Jackpot rules long before you make your first bet and start playing. This is because some of them have eligibility criteria for the main prize that need to be met. You may have to activate all lines, for example, or bet max. Make sure you know what you need to do to win before you hit Spin!

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Knowing how slot machine lines work is a must if you’re going to spend any of your time playing these games. They’ll influence which games you choose and ensure you know what to do to secure a good return. Understanding each feature of how slot machine lines work will also make your gameplay more satisfying since you’ll know exactly what’s happening and why.

That’s it! You made it through our casino guide on how pokies lines work, and can now take a look at some of our recommended casinos and get your game on!

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