Progressive Slots: An Aussie Gambler’s Guide

Want to play online pokies and walk away a multimillionaire? Then you’re probably looking for progressive slots.

Progressive slots offer you the chance to instantly land a jackpot ranging in the millions of dollars off the cost of a single spin. Yes, there is a reason that progressive jackpot slots are amongst the most popular ways to gamble in Australia. You can sign up at an online casino now and try these casino games for yourself, or read on to learn exactly how progressive slots work.

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Progressive Slots Explained

What exactly is a progressive slot, and how does it work? In essence, the best progressive slots are simply online pokies with enormous jackpots. The exact size of a slot machine progressive jackpot varies depending on the slot game, but you can bet that the amount will change your life.

A key part of progressive slots is that the jackpot grows over time. For every second that you’re spinning, the jackpot amount is climbing. Who knows how big the jackpot will be tomorrow or next week? Some progressive pokies are networked, and others are standalone. We’ll explore these differences more later.

Standard online pokies at an online casinos in Australia don’t offer progressive jackpots. This isn’t to say that standard online pokies aren’t good, in fact, they’re often seen as some of the best Australian online pokies. It’s just that standard online pokies only offer smaller, more easily obtainable jackpots.

Which do you prefer – standard online pokies or progressive jackpot slot games? Don’t decide now, sign up at the best online gambling sites and try them out for yourself. Either way, you’ll have fun.

The Most Popular Progressive Slots in Australia

Which are the best progressive slots online, or the best progressive slots in general? Let’s take a look. You’ve probably heard of many of these, and if you haven’t, you should certainly try them out for yourself. They’re popular for a reason!

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah, from Microgaming, is widely seen as one of the best progressive slots in history. It features a relatively simple African wildlife theme and isn’t particularly mind-blowing as far as modern real online pokies are concerned, but is still enormously popular. Why? Because Mega Moolah boasts a reputation for paying out often. This thrilling pokie game holds the current record for payouts at an online pokies casino, with the jackpot amount paid out coming in at a whopping $18 million.

Mega Moolah Online Slot at Australian Pokies Casinos - Review & Guide

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune from NetEnt is another celebrity in the world of progressive slots. With a 96% RTP, and a jackpot that climbs as high as $5 million, what isn’t to like? No, the jackpots aren’t as high as Mega Moolah, but you won’t be saying no to the lowest jackpot amount of $150,000.

Arabian Nights

You probably haven’t heard of Arabian Nights, but many Australians consider it an unsung hero in the world of progressive slots. The big draw here is that Arabian Nights pays out, on average, every 22 weeks. Think about that potential next time you’re signing up for online gambling or to play real money pokies online in Australia.

How Progressive Slots Work

How do jackpot progressive slots work? The secret is that for every spin on a progressive slot, a small amount of each bet goes to the jackpot pool. To put it another way, it’s a matter of you, and all players, contributing to the jackpot amount as you play. Hence, the more you spin, and the more other players spin, the more someone lucky stands to win. Start contributing now by signing up and taking your own shot at being a millionaire.

But now for the important question. How do you win at progressive slots? It all comes down to a system known as Random Number Generators (RNGs.) RNG is a 100% unbiased, completely fair system that makes all online gambling possible. RNG systems generate hundreds of thousands of random numbers per second, and when you spin, you’re drawing from the pool of numbers. You don’t know which number you’ll get, and neither does anyone else.

Tips and Strategies for Playing Progressive Slots

You’ll take any chance you can get at being a millionaire, but is there anything you can do to increase the chances of winning at progressive pokies? The short answer is; no. RNG is completely unbiased, which means that you can’t do anything to sway the gambling game in your favour. But, as with all progressive slots at every pokies casino, you can do your best to stay afloat until you do perhaps win. It is best to think of progressive jackpot slot games as tests of endurance rather than as games that you beat.

How do you endure? As you probably already know, progressive slots don’t only pay out jackpots. There are other wins you can grab, allowing you to keep playing for longer. Check the paytable of the progressive slots you play, understand how to win, and bet accordingly. Try it out now, see which progressive slots you prefer, and shoot for a jackpot at Fair Go Casino in Australia today.

Enjoy Progressive Slots At Fair Go Casino

Progressive Slots Jackpot Winners’ Stories

You know it’s tough to win a jackpot with progressive slots, but let’s take a moment to hear about some Australians who did strike it big.

$10 million – Dark Knight

The Dark Knight progressive slot, sadly, is no longer around. But in 2016, an anonymous player took home a staggering AUD$10 million. Prior to that, in 2013, another lucky Aussie took home AUD$3.36 million. It’s a shame that the Dark Knight progressive slot is no longer around, but there are plenty of others you can check out.

$6.9 Million – Arabian Nights

Remember Arabian Nights? Well, we put it on our list of best Australian online pokies for a reason. An Aussie player allegedly took home just under AUD$7 million, making them amongst the biggest winners in Australian history. This win isn’t 100% confirmed, mostly because winners choose to remain anonymous. But chances are high that this win did indeed happen.

$943,971 – Mega Moolah

No list of progressive slot wins is complete without Mega Moolah. This win took place in 2013 and also happened to occur on a mobile device. The winner took home just under AUD$1 million, and you can bet also took a luxury cruise. If you aren’t already trying out Mega Moolah, maybe it’s time to get in there and see if you’re the next big Australian winner.

Playing Progressive Slots Responsibly

While we do encourage you to sign up at an online casino to try out progressive slots, we also suggest that you only engage in online gambling responsibly. Progressive jackpot slot games are entertainment, and you must treat them as such. Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, treat every spin with significance, and quit while you’re ahead. You can contact any online casino for information about responsible gambling.

Online Casinos with Progressive Slots

Ready to try out progressive slots but aren’t sure where to start? Here are a few of the best online gambling sites in Australia, using the best gambling software available. You’ll do well to try out any of the progressive slots at these online gambling sites. Each offers the best online pokies and the best online gambling.

Fair Go Casino

Is there anything better than a fully Australian-themed online casino? Fair Go Casino offers you a gloriously silly Aussie theme, all while providing an excellent selection of progressive slots. Fair Go holds a license with the Curacao Gaming Commission.

Fair Go Casino Australia Review & Guide - Australian Pokies Online

Grand Rush

Grand Rush is another great online casino for progressive slots. The selection is equally as big, the promotions generous, and the customer support reliable. Grand Rush also holds a license with the Curacao Gaming Commission.

Mobile Gambling & Progressive Slots

Playing progressive slot machines as you prefer is a big deal in 2023. The question is, how do you prefer to play? Probably on a mobile device, which is why the best online pokies are fully mobile-compatible. You can play progressive slots on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

As far as mobile pokies gambling goes, progressive slots are available on Apple and Android. Sign up using a device of your choice, try out a few progressive slots, and experience true online gambling convenience.

Progressive Slots Versus Fixed Jackpots

What is the difference between a progressive slot and a fixed jackpot? You’ll remember we mentioned it earlier. Progressive slots grow over time, increasing as you play. However, progressive slots are very difficult to get. What if you shoot for a smaller amount but with a higher likelihood of success?

Fixed jackpots are smaller but are more realistically attainable. This isn’t to say that you’ll snap up a fixed jackpot easily, but that the odds are much higher. It is, of course, up to you as to which option you prefer. Progressive slots are very alluring, but perhaps you prefer to aim a little lower. Either way, sign up at an online casino in Australia now, check out the best online pokies, and have a good time.

Play Progressive Slots For A Shot At A Life Changing Win

Progressive slots are an exciting way for you to shoot for a jackpot in the millions. As with all real online pokies, progressive jackpots work on a simple RNG system, meaning that it’s all about luck. Importantly, progressive slot jackpots keep getting bigger, fuelled by the spins of eager players. You can try out progressive slots now on your mobile device or desktop computer, as you prefer. The best casinos have Android pokies apps as well as iPhone pokies apps for NZ players. Good luck!

Progressive Slots FAQ

  • Can I play progressive pokies for free in Australia before betting real money?

    Yes. Many pokies casinos in Australia offer bonuses and promotions. You can try out progressive slots with Bonus Cash or Free spins.

  • Are there any exclusive promotions or bonuses for playing progressive pokies in Australia?

    Yes. Check out any online casino in Australia to see the promotions available for progressive slots. Each site will have a promotion of its own.

  • How often do progressive jackpots hit in Australia?

    Every 22 Weeks. Progressive slots in Australia hit fairly regularly, depending on the slot game. On average, a jackpot hits every 22 weeks.

  • What is the largest progressive jackpot ever won by an Australian player?

    AUD$10 million. The largest progressive slot jackpot record is AUD$10 million for the Dark Knight pokie.

  • Are progressive jackpot pokies legal to play in Australia?

    Yes. Progressive slots are legal to play in Australia.

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