Investors’ House of Sport Ponzi Scheme Nightmare

April 25, 2024

Police in Queensland and Tasmania are investigating House of Sport, the Marley Wynter-headed sports betting company. This is amid allegations that the organisation is a Ponzi scheme that has left its investors out millions. House of Sports, which never showed slips from betting sites, was promising returns of 400%.

Background of the Scandal

House of Sport was marketed as a service. It focused on financial investments, specialising in horse racing, sports betting, and strategic bankroll management. House of Sport also claimed to have in excess of 12,000 investors and to have multiplied investors’ money by 9x. It’s alleged that Marley Wynter predominantly targeted potential investors by sponsoring local poker organisations. This list included the Australian Poker Tour and Poker Nation. He also held seminars during other big poker events, selling House of Sport and its massive potential returns.

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The first step of what turned out to be financial fraud involved offering investors 3 different investment tiers. These ranged from $500 to $2,000, but levels of as much as $50,000 were added later.

Marley Wynter promised to pay out all his investors their deposits along with an additional 5% by April 1, 2023. This deadline has passed, but no returns have been made. In fact, lawsuits representing 11 former investors seeking the more than $1 million they deposited have been filed. Marley Wynter has blamed banking institutions, saying that his accounts have been frozen, and he’s unable to access the money.

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Investors’ Plight

Investors who fell victim to the House of Sport scandal find themselves embroiled in a harrowing ordeal. This is as they grapple with the devastating reality of chasing millions of dollars in losses. The company enticed many investors by promising lucrative returns on sports betting investments. This led investors to place their trust and hard-earned savings in its hands. However, instead of realising their dreams of financial prosperity, they are now confronted with the harsh aftermath of deception.

One of the complainants, Nicky Hotop, invested $13,000. When her returns in the sports betting scheme reached $95,000, she tried to withdraw the money. This was not accomplished, however, with excuse after excuse being offered instead. Talking to A Current Affair, Ms. Hotop reported that one of her daughters said that it sounded like a Ponzi scheme. Ms. Hotop didn’t know what she meant then but is coming to a sad understanding of the term now.

Investors, determined to seek justice and restitution for their losses, are facing immense challenges. Many have banded together to explore legal avenues, filing lawsuits and complaints against the perpetrator and demanding accountability from regulatory authorities. A desire for closure and a commitment to preventing others from falling victim to similar schemes in the future are fueling complainants’ efforts to recover their investments.

Legal and Regulatory Response

Last year, as evidence of financial fraud emerged, the House of Sport officially shut down. Later on, in 2023, Wynter disappeared, making it difficult for those he duped to seek compensation or even serve him with a legal claim.

Lawyer Brent Stowers is currently representing 11 former investors and is seeking the return of more than $1 million that they deposited.  Since then, a Supreme Court order has informed Wynter’s previous lawyer, Bradford Hill, that he had to furnish Stowers with the most up-to-date contact information he had for his client. The police are investigating fraud complaints by the investors.

The scandal has served as a catalyst for regulatory agencies to reevaluate existing frameworks and implement measures to enhance investor protection and restore confidence in the integrity of financial markets.

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Lessons Learned

The House of Sport scandal is a stark reminder of the importance of doing research and being careful when looking for investment possibilities. It shows how important it is for investors to carefully look into any possible opportunities, especially those that offer very high returns with little to no risk.

The scandal also shows how dangerous it is to trust financial institutions without first checking their credibility and track record. It’s smart to be wary of investment schemes that offer too much money, and investors should be wary of claims that seem too good to be true.

Also, the event shows how important strong investor security measures and regulatory oversight are for keeping people from falling victim to financial fraud. To give investors the power to make smart choices and protect themselves from future scams, we need more openness, stricter rules, and programmes that teach investors what they need to know. In the end, the House of Sport scam is a lesson that shows how important it is to be careful and alert when dealing with the complicated world of investments.


The House of Sport scandal underscores the devastating consequences of financial fraud on investors. It also highlights the importance of due diligence and scepticism towards high-yield schemes. It calls for stronger regulatory measures to protect investors and restore confidence in the financial system, echoing the need for vigilance.

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